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Blog?  While I don't blog too much, I do regularly participate on some message boards. I am the moderator of this forum, and if you like what you see, I welcome you to participate and get to know me there. Then perhaps I can invite you into some of my private online communities (shhh).

Art  I love things in life that appeal simultaneously to my senses, my imagination, and to my intellect, and my choices in artists reflect this. My favorite style is surrealism. My favorite artists are Renee Magritte, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher and Hajime Sorayama.

Renee Magritte was the first artist I absolutely fell in love with. I loved the wacky things he painted, and every time I admired a painting my imagination would go crazy wondering what he was trying to convey. On my first short trip to Paris (on a return trip from Africa),Collective Invention by Renee Magritte I sought out a gallery which was exhibiting Magritte's paintings rather than go to the Louvre. I ended up at the MOMA, and enjoyed exactly three of them. I purchased several prints- four, I think- of my favorites among his work. Those weren't cheap! Sadly, on the metro on my way to the airport, I had so many bags to carry (full of my souvenirs from Africa), that somehow I'd lost them in transit. Oh well- I figure someone is enjoying those somewhere in Paris. A few years ago I was thrilled to learn that a Magritte collection would be on exhibit at the SFMOMA. I went twice! My own style of painting is greatly influenced by Magritte. I only wish I had more time to pursue my artistic endeavors. Perhaps when I retire to a nice quiet place by the ocean.

Salvador Dali's museum in St. Petersburg, FL was the first museum dedicated to one artist I had ever been to. The sheer size of some of his works is enough to give one pause. One thing I love about artists is that they tend to get fixated on certain objects which they repeatedly incorporate into their pieces. Dali's strange fixations were ants, crutches, and drawers, and his hallmark melting things (he is most famous for his melting clock). The ants, I was told as a young girl, represented decay. Hmmm...my favorite insects ever are ants. I wonder if that means anything? Recently I had an intersting thought while changing some flowers in a vase, replacing old wilted ones with new. Humans seem averse to decay, and we avoid it, shun it, and reject it (which is understandable because we have a strong instinct for survival). But decay is simply the natural process by which (Continued on next page)


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