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  Member log-in coming soon. Currently, access is granted via a secret link. ;)

Becoming a member gives you precedence in my schedule and access to my professional private modeling portfolio, among other tasty treats. unlock the secret to my heartIf I have seen you between October 2007 and October 2008, you are automatically a member, and can get a link to my private portfolio just by emailing or calling me. If you have not yet met me, or the last time we met was over a year ago, membership costs $500 for one year, which goes towards your first booking with me*. Membership requires screening. Please go to my booking page to apply for membership. Simply type "Membership" for the answer to "Duration of engagement." You must also include all the other information except obvious specifics for an engagement. I will not respond to incomplete membership requests. If you reserve time with me, membership is complimentary and is granted once I have received your deposit for our engagement.

*While your deposit towards an engagement counts as your membership fee, membership fee without booking a reservation does not count as a deposit towards an engagement. Membership is not a simple given. Membership is not available to just anyone with $500 bucks to spend. Please understand that when you request a booking with me or membership to my members-only area, your introductory letter will go a long way towards my deciding how compatible we are and how much I feel I can trust you without having met you. I must actually feel I can trust you enough to meet with you personally in order to grant you access to my private virtual space.

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