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PassionI am a warm and passionate Californian lady with an unapologetic lust for life. I revel in being a hedonistic existentialist: I create my existence by the choices that I make, and those choices are overwhelmingly for pleasure. One of my goals in my time on this planet is to achieve unconditional love for all of humanity, and in everything I do I try to maintain this meditation. One of my favorite quotes is Gandhi's "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Generosity of spirit is important to me, as is giving people the benefit of any doubt. If you are familiar with the Meyers-Briggs personality test, you will appreciate knowing that I am a thinking-inclined ENFP. What are you?

I possess long blonde hair, dark green eyes, and I weigh 115lbs. I have hourglass measurements of 34C-24-36, and stand at a petite 5'2". I am very proud of my rather curvaceous figure. 

I am very well-read and inquisitive by nature; I am intellectually equipped to discuss just about anything you like. I have completed an exceptional formal education, earning a BA and MS at top universities here and abroad. Art, world affairs, development, social justice, philosophy, spirituality, history, science- all hold fascination for me as not only juicy conversational topics, but opportunities to learn (and perhaps to teach). My library is a vast collection of books on subjects as diverse as the foregoing, and though I don't have as much time to read as I would ideally love, I always have a tome or four on the go. I love just being among books. This may sound silly to some, but whether it is my own library, that of a university, or simply a Barnes and Noble, the books around me at any given time speak to me like living creatures.

My favorite hobby is travelling; I have traveled to over 30 countries, and I speak four Can you see us here? :)languages. Along the way I have achieved my advanced open-water license in the Great Barrier Reef, become one of the lucky few Americans to visit the Tsingy in northwest Madagascar, and have white-water rafted down the Zambezi. I have slept in the mountain caves of Chimanimani, hitch-hiked through the Amazon, and ridden horses bareback in the waves of Cape Tribulation. I have become somewhat of an expert on culture. I love adventure and exploring our beautiful planet in unusual ways. Won't you join me somewhere- say Machu Picchu in South America or Angkor Wat in Asia? Or perhaps a two-week volunteer trip to India or Botswana?

I really enjoy what I do- meeting wonderful ladies and gentlemen with whom I can share adventure, laughter, and captivating conversation. I have maintained very nice friendships among people with whom I have shared my time. I am  warm, genuine, loving, and affectionate, I have a happy disposition, and I love to laugh and smile. 

I love Love!Qualities I admire in my fellow humans are unconditional regard, politeness, generosity, intellect, curiosity, humility, great hygiene, and general kindness. Things that disappoint me in my fellow humans are prejudice, shallowness, and meanness, as well as inebriation and violence. I am an equal opportunity companion. I am happy to entertain you regardless of your sexual orientation, religion, ethnic heritage, political affiliation, physical ability, size, shape, or other. (continued)


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