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I am a professional companion and private concierge. That is, you compensate me for my time to join you for dinner, a recreational activity, on vacation, or any number of things for which you prefer to not be alone.Here's to you! Or you may engage my expertise in helping you to plan a party, a dinner, a productive business weekend away, or a vacation. Chances are you are already aware of that. :)

I have joined my patrons for events such as the Super Bowl, political fundraisers, theatre performances, operas, symphonies, conferences, cruises, business dinners, weddings, reunions, and in travel for both business and pleasure. Sometimes I am requested to simply be there for them when they return from a day out. My concierge services have been enlisted by my patrons to assist in making a relocation (to the US or another country) easier, to aid in making a business trip abroad go more smoothly, to make necessary arrangements to welcome important overseas business partners with a lavish dinner party, and as a cultural attaché on both business and pleasure trips in international destinations. My extensive experience abroad- both traveling and living- has fostered an acute cultural intelligence which has been invaluable in succeeding in these endeavors, and my comportment and discretion make me a highly trusted and desirable associate. Perhaps you are in need of a confidante, or someone to assist you in understanding Japan's complex social protocol?

To Begin Our Appointment...
Let's meet here...We would meet at your chosen location, which is always a public place such as a lounge or restaurant, where we will spend a bit of our time getting to know each other over lunch or dinner. My consideration would have been discreetly placed in front of me at the table in a gift bag, a book, or a magazine within minutes of my arrival, or you would have made arrangements to compensate me in advance (my preference). With business out of the way, we are free to revel in each other's company for the rest of our engagement!

I have a Four-Hour Minimum
I love what I do. I take my occupation seriously, and in order to provide you with the best companionship available, I prefer taking the time to get to know you so that we may develop chemistry together. This sort of thing just cannot be rushed. Fine wine is not made in an hour, and a fulfilling experience with an elite companion takes at least four!

I also feel I am most compatible with those who seek extended time with their companion. This is not just my profession; it is a lifestyle. I must enjoy my time with you as much as you enjoy your time with me, and I feel that this is most easily facilitated when we share an intimate dinner before continuing on with our evening. There will be no exceptions for those with whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

The truth is that my friends usually prefer to spend at least 12 hours with me, and it is rare that I book less time these days. I always give precedence first to those with whom I have an established relationship and second to those who request longer engagements.

I require advance booking, so be sure to contact me well in advance of your chosen date. I hate cancellations, so please make sure you know your schedule when booking with me.

EndorsementsSome of my friends have felt satisfied enough with our time together that they have generously written endorsements for me
here. If you have spent time with me and are so moved, I would be very proud to feature your endorsement too. Likewise, if you have been less-than-satisfied with the time you spent with me, feel free to express that there as well.


Absolutely no tips are expected. The consideration detailed on my
consideration page satisfies my financial requirements for the time I spend with you. No further remuneration is necessary. (continued on next page)


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