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To exchange banners, please
e-mail me your banner  and your link. I will reciprocate with mine. Please  understand that I will not place banners on my site  which appear to me to be distasteful or which lead to  sites that appear to me to be distasteful or exploitative of women. If we have previously exchanged banners but yours does not appear here, chances are that I didn't see mine on your site anywhere. Please send me an email with a link to your banner and a link to where I can find mine on your site.

All banners are arranged alphabetically by first name, with my friends listed first, followed by other lovely ladies. Ladies with a Pearl Elite Independents next to their names are members of a professional association of companions, of which I am also a member. You may feel free to ask me about any of my friends. Keep in mind that you should still do due diligence in ensuring you are compatible with any companion; just because she is my friend does not mean you will share chemistry.  Ladies with an asterisk (*) after their names can also occasionally be found participating in this forum, where you may gain a good sense of their personalities. Some post very rarely, so you would have to do a search on their names to find their posts.

My Friends

Other Lovely Ladies


Amanda Brooks - International (friend of mine)
Amanda Brooks texasgoldengirl.net
Amanda is definitely one of my best friends, both in the 'monde and out. Sweet, natural, and deliciously unconventional, you'll be drawn to her girl-next-door look and demeanor, and hooked by her unique approach to companionship. She's sincere, smart, and fabulous!
Anneke - Tampa, Florida USA
Anneke http://www.annekepleasures.com
Anneke is truly a goddess. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a party once, and was impressed with her passionate personality and gorgeous eyes! She's a woman we all aspire to. I hope to get to spend time with her again soon!
Audrey Cain* - Las Vegas, Nevada  USA (friend of mine)
Audrey Cain  http://www.caroscientia.com
Ahhh...what to say about Audrey? She's a complex creature. Intelligent, unfathomable, and a bit depraved, she'll confuse you as she fascinates you. But can you handle her? Few people find they are up to the task. May the force be with you... :)
Avery Moore - Washington, DC USA
Play with Avery  http://www.playwithavery.com
At last I have met the lady of fairytales: A tall, willowy, raven-haired beauty with deliciously red lips, a creamy alabaster complexion, and lucid, aquamarine pools for eyes. Add to that the fact that she's whip-smart, incredibly sensual, and the sweetest, most down-to-earth woman you're likely to meet, and you have a devastatingly heady mix. I am certain that like me, you won't get enough with just one visit!
Chelsy Heyden* - East Coast Pearl Elite Independents (friend of mine)

Chelsy Heyden  www.chelsyheyden.com
Chelsy is just one of the yummiest ladies I know. Unbelievable body, smart as a whip, and a talented writer. Not to mention a load of fun! All wrapped up in one lovely person. I am certain anyone who spends time in her company will have as much fun as I do!

Clair* - New England, US  (friend of mine)

Clair  www.courtingclair.com
I met Clair through a friend from my academic world, and she is a lovely and fascinating woman. Tall, brunette, and elegant, she has an air of mystery about her that is very alluring. Her passion is art, and as an avid patron, she is a fount of knowledge about up-and-coming artists throughout the US. Definitely see her if you get a chance.

Crysta Heart - Michigan USA (friend of mine)

Crysta Heart  http://www.crystaheart.net
I originally met this smiling vixen at a gathering of like-minded ladies, and after having the opportunity to get to know her even better as my house guest, I have an incredible amount of love and respect for her. She's sweet, bright, and tons of fun to be around!  Not to mention her fabulous physicality: she has eyes so blue you want to dive right into them, silky hair you want to bury your face in, and a figure that is nothing short of amazing. In a word, YUM!



Emma James* - London, UK  (friend of mine)
Emma James Elite Companion
Emma is just delightful! I had the pleasure of her company on a recent trip to London, and she is even sweeter and more beautiful in person than she is online. Highly intelligent, elegantly chic, and up-to-date on the latest in just about everything, Emma is excellent company and great fun to be around. While her lucid blue eyes held me spellbound, her quick wit rendered me a hopelessly captive audience!
Erin O'Bryn - Las Vegas, Nevada  USA (friend of mine)
Erin O'Bryn  http://erinobryn.net/
Erin is a handful! Always laughing, she's passionate, sweet, and beautiful to gaze at. She's known for her crazy engagements- book her if you dare!
Heather D'Angelo* - Tampa, Florida USA (friend of mine)

Heather D'Angelo Beautiful Companion  www.heatherdangelo.com/
Heather is simply one of the most fun women I know! Passionate, funny, beautiful, and full of life, she engages you instantly. She's also one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth ladies I know. Be careful, you'll fall in love! I certainly have!



Kimberlee Cline* - Tucson, Arizona USA (friend of mine)

Kimberlee Cline  www.kimberleecline.com
Kimberlee is another long-time friend, and a smart cookie. A friend from my activist circles, she has a sharp sense of justice and an acute talent for organizing.  Her capacity for getting things done amazes me. She is pretty, earthy, intelligent, and very dedicated to excellence in her companion work. I am sure you will find her as captivating as I do! We've shared a few delicious moments together...;)

Lauren Summerhill* - Toronto, Ontario Canada (friend of mine)

Lauren Summerhill  www.laurensummerhill.com
Lauren S. is just delightful! I've had the pleasure of her company on several occasions, and am very excited about her budding career as a companion. She's sweet, feminine, and very self-possessed. She is as close as I have come to someone with the same philosophy of life as me. A true kindred soul! I am sure you will find her as beguiling as I do.

Miss Logan* - Las Vegas, NV (friend of mine)

Miss Logan http://www.misslogan.com/
Miss Logan is one of my lovely friends here in Las Vegas, and I do so enjoy her company. She's refreshingly sweet, genuine, kind, very giving, and a savvy lady. I'm sure anyone who has the good fortune of spending time with her will feel completely spoiled and very special!

Lorena - Las Vegas, Nevada  USA (friend of mine)
Lovely Lorena  http://www.LovelyLorena.com
Lovely Lorena is truly lovely! She is another of my Vegas friends, and has a sweet, warm personality combined with a very sultry energy. Her eyes are the quintessential "bedroom eyes"...Bettie Davis would have been envious!
Lynette Marie* - Las Vegas, Nevada USA (friend of mine)
Lynette Marie Elite VIP Companion  http://www.lynettemarie.com
Lynette is a warm, wonderful woman whom I have actually known virtually for years. We have shared similar philosophies in many things in life. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed her company more often recently. She's beautiful, sexy, and captivating!


Megan* - Ohio, USA (friend of mine)

Red Hot Megan  http://www.TheUltimateMuse.com
Megan is the third amazing woman I met during the gathering at which I met Crysta and Madeline. Wow! Passionate is an understatement for this woman's amazing personality. All heart, she has so much respect, love, and energy for those around her, and her smile is simply dazzling. Not to mention her fiery sensuality- it reaches out and pulls you in, consuming you completely. An exceptional woman!

Ninon Baccara - Chicago, Illinois  USA (friend of mine)
Ninon Baccara Voluptuous Libertine  http://voluptuouslibertine.com/
Warm, sweet, deliciously sensual and complex, Ninon is a delightful woman. She's intelligent, funny, and has a smile that lights up the room. I look forward to getting to know this lady better!


Sara Prescott* - Las Vegas, Nevada USA Pearl Elite Independents (friend of mine)

Sara is a dear friend of mine from outside my Holly world. She's elegant, bubbly, fun, sweet, and very beautiful. Her sense of humor is contagious, and with her simultaneous love of sports and the fine arts, you will find her an engaging paradox. And she will knock your socks off.  We've shared some delicious moments...!

Sitara Devi* - San Francisco, CA and New York, NY USA Pearl Elite Independents (friend of mine)

Sitara Devi  http://www.sitaradevi.com/
Sitara is a gentle, soft, and beautiful young lady of East Indian heritage. She is engaging and intelligent, coming from a very interesting professional background. She's one of my dearest friends indeed, like a sister to me. A petite brunette with amazingly big eyes, she has been compared to the princess in the Aladdin movie. Certainly her smile and her eyes are so bright one can easily see why a fantasy character comes to mind! 

Lovely Victoria* - NYC, USA  (friend of mine)

Lovely Victoria   http://www.clandestineencounters.com/
Victoria is such a breath of fresh air. A new friend, and one I hope to know for a long time to come. Beautiful, intelligent, seductive, and elegant, she had me at "Hello". Lol! She'll have you too...

Other Lovely Ladies
Abigail Arrelano - San Francisco, California USA
Abigail Arrelano http://www.abigailarrelano.com/


Alexandra Amber - Switzerland
Alexandra Amber - Switzerland  http://alexandraamber.com/
Ali of Los Angeles* - Los Angeles, California  USA


Amy - San Francisco, California USA
Amy http://www.alovejourney.com
Amy Taylor* - Beverly Hills, California USA
Amy Taylor  www.AmyTaylor.net
Classy Angel* - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Classy Angel - Vancouver Escorts  Vancouver Escorts & Escorts Directory
Arianne St. Claire - Toronto, Ontario Canada
Arianne St. Claire  My VIP Companion  http://www.myvipcompanion.com/
Ava DeLuca - San Francisco, California  USA
Ava DeLuca  http://ivyleagueescort.net/
Ava Milan* - Houston, Texas  USA
Ava Milan  http://www.avamilan.net


Ava Morgan
Aydyn* - Dallas, Texas USA
Aydyn  www.aydyn.com
Ayo Sue - London, England  UK
Ayo Sue Gentleman's Companion http://ayo-sue.co.uk
Bianca Beauvais - Las Vegas, Nevada USA Pearl Elite Independents
Bianca Beauvais http://www.BiancaBeauvais.com
Brigitte Adair - Los Angeles, California USA
Brigitte Adair  http://brigitte.escortsite.com
Camille Hampton* - Chicago, IL USA
Camille Romane - Montreal, Canada
Camille Romane  http://www.fleetingcamille.com
Catherine Dumont - Montreal, Canada
Claudia Cole - NYC, USA
Cristina - Miami, Florida USA
Cristina Fetish http://www.cristinafetish.com/


Dana Daniels - Miami, Florida USA
Dana Daniels http://www.danadaniels.info/
Dodda Venett - Chicago, Illinois USA
Dodda Venett  www.doddavenett.com
Elaine - Cape Town, South Africa
Elaine  www.elainex.co.za
Elsa Caroline* - Montreal, Canada
Elsa Caroline Montreal Escort  http://www.blissfulelsa.com/
Erica Charles - New York, New York USA
Erica Charles- Elite Sydney Escort
Eva Garniere -
Eva Garniere www.EvaGarniere.com
Evangeline LaCroix* -
Evangeline LaCroix  http://www.evangelinelacroix.net


Frederique LaSalle - New York, New York  USA
Frederique LaSalle  http://www.frederique-lasalle.com
Hayden Jones* - Houston, Texas  USA
Heyden Jones  http://www.haydenjones.net
Ivie Kelly - Tampa, Florida  USA
Ivie Kelly Hot Tampa Girl  http://www.hottampagirl.com
Jeanne Smith - Los Angeles, California  USA
Jeanne Smith  http://www.jeanne-smith.com


Jennifer Bouve' - New York, New York  USA
Elite New York Escort http://www.jenniferbouve.com/
Jennifer Lee - Los Angeles, California USA
Jennifer Lee http://myjenniferlee.com
Jessy J - Dubai
Jessy J  www.elite-travelcompanion.com
Jourdan* - Long Island, New York  USA
Lady Jourdan  http://www.ladyjourdan.com
Julianna Jones - Mahnattan, New York, USA
Kama - Kingston, England
Kama, true  Devadasi  www.princesskama.com
Kara Keyes - Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, Florida USA
Kara Keyes http://www.vip-kara.com
Krystal - San Francisco, California USA
Krystal  http://sanfranciscoescortkrystal.com


Kay Lauren - London, UK and Toronto, Canada
Kay Lauren- Light Bringer in the World
Lacey Stevens - Los Angeles, California USA
Lana Amore - New York City, New York USA
Lana Amore http://www.lanaamore.com
Lauren Reed* - Washington DC and New York, New York USA 

Lauren Reed  www.laurenreed.net

Lauren Taylor - Tampa, Florida USA
Lauren Taylor http://www.beautyandclass.com
Laynie Harper* - Los Angeles, California USA
Exotic Lily* - Los Angeles, California USA


Linda Burton - Munich, Germany
Linda Burton International Elite Companion Escort Munich Frankfurt Zurich Vienna International Worldwide
Liona Iris* - Los Angeles, California USA
Premium Escort Lio  www.premiumescortlio.com
Lisa Engel - Stuttgart, Germany
High Class Escort - Lisa Engel www.lisa-engel.com
Lora Maze* - Chicago, Illinois USA
Lora Maze  http://undercoverpet.com
Lou Lou - Europe
Lou Lou http://www.loulou-classyescort.com
Luna Londyn - New York, New York USA
Luna Londyn


Madison - Mexico City, Mexico
Madison http://www.meet-madison.com
Margot - London, UK
Mia Ness - Stockholm, Sweden and London, England
Mia Ness http://www.luxery-mia.com
Mimi Stone - Los Angeles, California USA
Mimi Stone http://www.mimistone.com
Morgan Marie - Atlanta, Georgia USA
Morgan Richards - New York, New York  USA
Morgan Richards http://www.morganrichards.net
Natasha Lebedeva - Moscow, Russia
Natasha Lebedeva http://companion-escortmoscow.com
Natasha LeMans* - Los Angeles, California  USA
Natasha LeMans  www.natashalemans.net


Nicholette Morgandy* - Connecticut  USA
Nicholette  Morgandy  http://nicholettemorgandy.com
Reese - Detroit, Michigan USA
Reese www.reesessexytouch.com
Rhia Charles - London, UK
Rhia London Courtesan  http://www.rhiacharles.co.uk
Sally Munro - New Zealand and Australia
Sally Munro  New Zealand and Australia  www.sexymunro.com
Samantha Sommers - Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Samatha Sommers http://samanthasommersexperience.com
Samantha Tyler - Chicago, IL USA
Samantha Tyler  http://www.samanthatyler.com
Shayna Melania - California, USA
Shayna Melania http://shaynamelania.com Elite GFE Blond Escort  NY, Miami, Vegas, LA Escort
Sofia Rey - Los Angeles, California  USA
Sofia Rey  http://www.sofiarey.com
Sophie Simone* - Las Vegas, Nevada
Miss Sophie Simone  http://misssophiesimone.com/


Stephanie Parker - Germany
Stephanie Parker  www.alpha-escort.de
Stella Cortez - London
Taylor Paige - Los Angeles, California USA
Taylor Paige  http://taylor-paige.com
Tess Ryan - Canberra, Australia
Tess Ryan  http://www.tessryan.com
Tiffany Europe - Orange County, California USA
Tiffany Europe http://www.tiffanyeurope.net
Victoria Von Helkine - Seatle, Washington  USA
Victoria Von Helkine Petite brunette with a warm personality



* These ladies can also occasionally be found participating in this forum, where you may gain a good sense of their personalities. Some post very rarely, so you would have to do a search on their names to find their posts.



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