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How to Meet Me


I have provided here a list of my screening requirements. Copy and paste these items to an email, answer them, and send it to HollyB (at) hollyadventures.com.

Email me!

First and last name: 

Email address (Think twice about using your office email- perhaps yahoomail.com or hotmail.com would be more secure):

Place of employment and occupation:

Work number (main line, through an operator):

Work number (direct):

Story for call (am I a drycleaner? Dentist? Etc.):

Business website:

Number at which you prefer I contact you: 

Date and time of desired engagement:

Location of desired engagement (city, state):

Hotel at which you will be staying:

Duration of desired engagement:

How did you find me? Please don't say "the Net". I know that already! ;)

Please write me a letter of introduction and tell me about yourself:


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