I am retiring indefinitely. If you already know me, I welcome your correspondence and company. You may contact me at the email you have for me. If you don't, please see my Links page to check out my friends. If you would like to contact me for any other reason, please email me at: holly at hollyadventures dot com. I am leaving my page up temporarily for posterity. ;)

Thank you to the wonderful people who enriched my life and made a home in my heart. I will always remember you.

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Holly is an exclusive luxury companion and private concierge available to select gentlemen and lady friends who generously provide her gifts in appreciation for her time. Holly requests that you understand that while her site contains no objectionable matter, it does contain links to matter meant for an exclusively adult audience, including but not limited to nudity. This site does not offer illegal services, nor does Holly, and nothing inside this site shall be construed as to such. Before entering this website, you must  read and agree to the following:  

"I am at least 18 years of age. It is not illegal to view adult matter in my community. I am not offended by matter related to suit an adult audience. There are no laws in my community which would prevent me from viewing adult content. I am not seeking illegal services. If I cannot agree to the above terms, I agree to click on 'Exit' or 'Under 18' below."

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Please read: Just so you know what to expect inside this site, Holly has many links in her site which you will find on her links pages. These sites feature escorts from around the world. Top and first class US escorts and agencies can be seen in her links page for independent companions, North America, as well as her links page for US escort agency directories and US escort agencies. Among these links you will find first class escorts both independent and with agencies available in California- Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, as well as Las Vegas. Top and first class UK independent and agency escorts can be seen on her page for UK independent escorts and her page for UK escort directories and UK escort agencies. Among these pages you will find first class independent escorts in London and other locations in the UK. Holly has many friends listed on her friends page, among which you may find ladies in all ranges of consideration. Please peruse through the links there, each lady featured who is a friend of Holly's is personally endorsed by Holly as someone reputable. In some cases, Holly has lost contact with some of the escorts featured on her links pages, so you should definitely write to her to ask her about any of them.

Holly Brooks offers a unique companionship service to gentlemen and ladies who pursue the company of elite independent escorts and companions. While Holly doesn't consider herself an escort per se, she does consider herself a highly educated companion and travel mate. Her friends equate her with the courtesans of the 18th century in many ways, although she more likely fits the description of the romanticized versions of ladies who had class and high standing in society. Holly has class and graciousness, breeding and social finesse beyond the average escort on the web. Many see her role as that of a true modern day courtesan, providing her friends and patrons an experience much like that of an actual girlfriend but without the strings attached. However, please understand that Holly does not offer sex as a part of her packages, as prostitution is illegal. Holly does not break the law. She hopes you understand this.  Holly is very comfortable in elite circles and has ample social alacrity. Holly looks forward to making your acquaintance, and having you escort her to your next social event, or having her plan your next journey abroad. You will be very pleased you chose Holly to serve you as an elite luxury independent escort type companion for all of the needs you might need a private concierge or professional companion to fulfill. Holly can be found in first class Las Vegas escort ed by gentlemen to the finest restaurants, and she can also be found in Los Angeles and San Francisco escort ed to the same. She has been seen in first class and high class New York City and in elite London establishments escort ed by gentlemen and ladies alike to shows, dinners, balls, and political functions. She looks incredible in a suit or a ball gown alike. Holly is an educated and independent escort style exclusive companion. She attended an elite university in London. She has many London Escort friends and visits them regularly. She can often be found in London.

Holly is based in Las Vegas and she is based in New York. Holly is Las Vegas Premier Upscale Service. If you are  looking for Elite Entertainment and are Visiting Las Vegas area, Holly is the perfect companion. Holly is also New York Premier Upscale Service. If you are looking for Elite Entertainment and are Visiting New York area, be sure to look up Holly .

Las Vegas Escort is one.  Las Vegas Elite Escorts is another. Las Vegas Independent escort is yet another. Las Vegas first class escort, Elite Las Vegas escort, Las Vegas high class escort service, Las Vegas high class companion, and certainly Las Vegas VIP service. All of these terms have been used to describe Holly, but she is not an escort in the usual sense of the word. She does independently escort gentlemen to various events for which they pay her for the time she spends with them.

Holly is interested in visiting Dubai, perhaps escort ing you to an event there. She would like to spend more time traveling in exotic locations, maybe to escort you to Singapore, Hong Kong, or even Tokyo. She speaks Japanese quite well and would be happy to be a cultural advisor. She is also interested in escort ing you to Geneva, Baden Baden, Doha, Hamburg, and Amsterdam.

Holly is available in New York City now on a regular basis. Please enquire with her to receive notice when she will be there.. Holly is an elegant New York City dinner companion and New York City travel companion, and she loves to attend the ballet, opera, and symphony. Contact Holly if you would like her to escort you in New York City to any of these events, or simply to act as your dining companion or travel companion while she is in NYC. As an independent elite New York City (NYC)  companion, Holly will entertain you in first-class style. She is learning her way around Manhattan, and would love to include you on her explorations. Her Manhattan companion services include all time increments available in her Las Vegas Companion consideration, so be sure to let her know you would like her to escort you to your event in Manhattan.

Holly is a member of Pearl Elite International, or as it is also known, Pearl Elite Independents. Among the membership are ladies who are so demarcated on her links pages with little pearls. When you click on to the pearls, you will be taken to the Pearl Elite website. Jet Set Lara used to be a member of Pearl Elite, one of the most famous members (at least in the escort world). Some of the Pearl Elite members are well-known in the circles in which they have careers: modeling, Internet Technology, acting, literature, etc.

2006-2009 www.hollyadventures.com
site is original and designed and maintained solely by holly brooks. all rights reserved.

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