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Thinking about it?If it is your first time inquiring about a professional companion:
I am happy to refer you to a page on
advice especially for gentlemen who may not be familiar with the ins and outs of professional companionship. If it is your first time, I request that you become familiar with the items covered in these pages before contacting me.

Wardrobe Requests
I pride myself on my ability to dress appropriately and elegantly for any occasion, and if your request falls within the scope of propriety for the occasion at which you require my companionship, I will gladly acquiesce. If there is something special you would like for me to wear for you- in public or in our non-public time- feel free to describe what it is. If I already have it in my wardrobe, I will be only too pleased to don the item of choice. If not, I am usually willing to wear anything you wish to bring along, provided it is presented to me in its original wrapping.

Questions I have been asked:

Are you available for couples?
Yes, I am - some of my most pleasant engagements have been with couples! BookingIt can be an extraordinary experience, with fascinating dynamics. It is important that both partners in a couple are comfortable with the idea of a professional dinner companion. For couples who are new to professional companionship, I am happy to meet for a lunch appointment to establish compatibility and comfort. My gift for the lunch appointment is noted on my consideration pages, and half of this gift will go towards your engagement should you decide to book it.

Do you see disabled people?
I absolutely make myself available to differently-abled ladies and gentlemen, and I extend a discount on my consideration. Please see
this page for further information.

I recently emailed you and received no response. Why?
You probably: a) included language or references deemed inappropriate by me; b) used "texting" language or excessive abbreviations: e.g., "ur" for you are or you're, "2" for to, etc. (if you haven't the time to compose an appropriate introduction, I haven't the time to respond); or c) were far too brief. I won't respond to one-liners. See "b" above. As I receive quite a few emails each day, it is in your best interest to make yours one that stands out.

You mentioned that you enjoy reading. What types of things do you enjoy reading?
BookingI always have a few books on the go, and tend to read most when I travel. I get so busy with my responsibilities that reading becomes a rare luxury! I subscribe to Harper's, and always grab a copy of Scientific American, Foreign Affairs, or The Economist in airports (I used to subscribe to each of these, but the junk mail was getting out of hand!). For the most recent books and articles I have read/am reading, please see my blog.

What if I want to bring you a little something for our engagement?
I never expect anything more than your respect and utmost courtesy. If, however, you still wish to surprise me, you can find some clues to my tastes throughout this site. If you require specifics, you may find them

Consideration for my time is detailed on the next page.



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