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I am based in Las Vegas, but I adore traveling and would be delighted to join you wherever you wish, or show you one of my own exotic secret hideaways. Just click on the area in which you'd like to see me to see my consideration.  All consideration includes my airfare. 

Let's Travel together!I require a deposit for all appointments. I must receive this at least one week prior to our engagement, two weeks if I have to travel. If I have seen you more than once, my last gift structure applies to you, but I will still require a deposit. Keep in mind I do travel regularly and may be in your city soon. For engagements arranged during those visits, my Las Vegas gift request will apply. I am also available for regularly-scheduled or long-term arrangements. Please contact me for details.

Consideration is in US currency. For currency conversion, click here (opens a new window). Please note that any consideration contributed has been and always will be expressly for my time+ and nothing more.

Holly Brooks VIP, Las Vegas Companion, Henderson Companion Holly Brooks VIP, San Francisco Companion, Los Angeles Companion, Phoenix Companion Holly Brooks VIP, New York Companion, Washington, DC Companion, Toronto Companion, Boston Companion Holly Brooks VIP, London Companion, Paris Companion, Monte Carlo Companion, Dubai Companion, Frankfurt Companion, Geneva Companion Holly Brooks VIP, Tokyo Companion, Bangkok Companion, Singapore Companion, Hong Kong Companion, Sydney Companion, Shanghai Companion, Auckland Companion Holly Brooks VIP, Rio de Janeiro Companion, Buenos Aires Companion, Bogota Companion, Sao Paulo Companion, Lima Companion

+While I always share a fond affection for my patrons, please do not ask me to meet you for any time without compensation, no matter how long we have known each other. This includes, "just a coffee" or "just lunch." As a professional companion, people find me fascinating enough to invest in having my undivided attention for an allotted time-- and what we do with that time or where we spend it has no bearing on how much the time costs. I get compensated for my time and company-- that's what I do for a living. Thank you for understanding and for not taking advantage of my time. :)

**This "meet and greet" option is available for couples only
and takes place in one location only- a cocktail lounge for cocktails in the evening OR a cafe for coffee during the day. This is simply a casual meeting to establish compatibility for a 4-hour dinner engagement or more time spent together as a threesome in the future, and is reserved for couples who may not have had experience with a professional dinner and travel companion. The consideration for this meeting covers my time, and 50% will go towards a future engagement should you decide to reserve one. I am not available for compatibility meetings outside of Las Vegas unless I happen to be in your city. However, I am available for regular engagements with couples anywhere.

Special Needs: I am aware that some of us are differently-abled. If you are such a gentleman or lady, I am happy to offer you my time at a lower gift consideration. I also offer a lower gift consideration to educators and those who work in the nonprofit sector. Please email me to discuss this further.

Have to cancel?Cancellations: Life gets busy and things come up- I completely understand this. However, as this is my livelihood, cancellations can have an undesirable impact on my financial planning. As such, I request that you consider any cancellations very seriously. I respect your time by being available when you need me; please respect my time by following through on your plans whenever possible, and keeping me informed of possible changes.

Should you have to cancel with a 5-day notice or more, your deposit (minus any expenses incurred) will go towards a future engagement as long as it occurs within 3 months of the date of our original plans. If you cancel with less notice, your deposit will still go towards a future engagement (scheduled to occur within three months), but you will be required to submit a new deposit to confirm that engagement. If you cancel a second time, you will lose your deposit and will be required to submit the entire fee for your next engagement with me. If you cancel three times, I will simply not reschedule with you. If I should have to cancel for any reason (extremely rare), you will receive a 100% refund of your deposit.   

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